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2. Model: DC15P-PX3
3. Interface: SATA
4. Dimension: Straight-through Connector (28x26x7mm) / 90-Degree Connector (24x16x8mm)
5. Cable Length: 16cm (8+4+4)
6. Cable Core: 18AWG
7. Plug: 15 Pin


1. DIY installed essential tool, SATA standard 15PIN cable of multiple ports.
2. Supply power for multiple hard drives, expand multiple SATA 15Pin power supply interfaces for HDD or CD-ROM,
solve the problem of inadequate power interfaces, you can supply power for several hard drives installed in computer case simultaneously.
3. Can bear large voltage and current, strong power supply, drive large capacity hard drive to operate easily.
4. Well designed length, the distance of each power supply interface is 6cm which i s just enough to connect to your computer case HDD,
with no needless cable length.

Package included:

1 * ORICO DC15P-PX3 1 to 3 15 Pin Power Extension Cable for HDD CD-ROM

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