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As we know, The Raspberry Pi has 4 USB Port so that we can hook up 4 USB devices on it. You will need a USB expansion device like USB HUB if you want to have more USB device connected.
And most of them are not for mobility. Pi Supply&USB HUB is fit for your mobility requirement, it is smaller and functional.
It can provide power charging for your Cellphone(include iPhone)/Raspberry Pi 3 Model B/ Pi 2B/ Pi B+/ Pi A+/ Pi B/ Pi zero
It can offer you 4 USB-DATA transport Ports in case you need a USB HUB as well.

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Battery Capacity 3800mAh Maximum (Need Purchase)
Output Current 2.0A
Output Voltage 5.0V
Output Ports USB2.0 x 5
Standard Charging Current / Voltage 1.0A/5.0V
USB Data Ports USB2.0 x 4 / MicroUSB x 1
Size 86.6mm x 56mm x 18.45mm
Weight 30g

Package Included:

1 x Pi Supply & USB HUB
8 x M2.5 copper screws
4 x M2.5 copper nuts
4 x M2.5 steel screws
2 x Micro USB cables

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