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Lightweight and durable set.
Essential tool for reliably making network cables.
Easily find wrong connections, short circuits and open circuits.
- Network Cable Tester for RJ11, RJ45, Cat5,Cat6
- Can test correspondingly double-twisted cables 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, and Ground
- 9 LED lights to indicate wiring connection on both remote and master unit
- For 8P8C-6P6C-4P4C / RJ-45 RJ-11 RJ-12 Plugs
- For Press-wire, Shelled-wire & Tangent-wire at the same time
- The mouth of the press-pliers is made of magnetic steel, which is hard and durable
- Comes with free wire stripper
- Powered by 9V battery (Not included)

Warning: Please don't use in live circuits

Package includes: 
1 x Network cable tester
1 x Punch Down lmpact Tool
1 x RJ45 CAT5 Crimper Crimp Tool
1 x Wire Stripper
1 x Leather Case for Cable Tester
30 x RJ 45 Modular plugs
5 x RJ 11 Modular plugs

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