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2. Model: CPD-7P6G-BW902S
3. Interface: SATA
4. Data transfer speed: 6Gbps
5. Dimension: Straight-through Connector (24x14x6mm) / 90-Degree Connector (16x15x14mm)
6. Cable length: 1.6Ft / 0.5M & 1.8Ft / 0.55M


1. ORICO 2 Pack SATA III Cable, 1.6Ft / 0.5M & 1.8Ft / 0.55M, designed to connect motherboards and host controllers
     to internal Serial ATA hard drives and DVD drives.
2. Up to 6Gbps, provide maximum speeds from your SATA system up to 6 Gbps when used with equivalent devices and controllers.
3. Refined inside, standard length designed cable for meeting your daily use and far away from tangled.
4. Lock latch, features locking latch on each end of the cable to ensure it doesn't work itself loose.
5. High quality, both external and internal are clean, refined. Due to its built-in isolation layer so that each line
    spaced skillfully to avoid internal wire chaos.
6. Connecters, straight-through connector on one end, 90-degree connector on the other.

Package included:

1 * Orico 2 Pack SATA III 6Gbps Cable With Locking Latch

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