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1. Brand: Vention
2. Model: KDCBB
3. Color: black
4. Conductor material: pure copper
5. Connector materal: PBT
6. Wire gauge: 18AWG
7. Length: 0.15M
8. Female demension: 24.5mm*12.5mm*6mm
9. Male demension: 24.7mm*21.8*8.7mm


1. 4Pin power plugs convert to SATA power plugs, support supply the power to two hard disk or optical driver.
2. Plug and play, 90° design easy to use.
3. Supply the power for the high-capacity hard disk, 18AWG wire gauge can support large current.
4. Double -head clasp design, to prevent interface form loose.
5. The connector adopts PBT material, safe and environmental.

Package included:

1 * Vention KDCBB 4Pin to 2 SATA 15Pin Hard Disk Convert Cable Extend Line Black

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